"A loveable villain":
an interview with David Bowie from Bravo
by some guy
translated by Astrid Evelt
presented by Elizabeth A. Allen



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August 28, 2001: Ever wonder just what David Bowie's perspective on Jareth was? Wonder no further. Astrid Evelt (whose fan art you can see in the fan art gallery) has translated part of an article for me that addresses that very subject. I am proud to present part of "A Loveable Villain," an interview that originally appeared in the January, 1987, issue of Bravo. The text -- and the picture of the actual magazine page -- appear as a Jareth's Realm exclusive, thanks to the generosity of Astrid.

BRAVO: In the successful fantasy movie The Journey Into the Labyrinth [the title in German] you play Jareth, the Goblin King in an enchanted world. You kidnap a baby and you want to turn it into a goblin. You trick the fifteen-year-old Sarah, but still the young people love you.

DAVID BOWIE: Well, I'm not that evil. It's more like a game of intelligence between Sarah and Jareth. It's certainly no fight.

BRAVO: Did you like the part from the beginning?

DAVID BOWIE: I loved the magic, the mystery. Jim Henson, George Lucas and I knew from the beginning I would play Jareth.

BRAVO: The movies you did before weren't so successful. Do you think your fans prefer you as a singer?

DAVID BOWIE: Of course I have more fans as a singer. I only act because I enjoy it. I don't want to be a movie superstar. I only play the characters I can identify with and believe in.

BRAVO: Sarah is played by the beautiful actress Jennifer Connelly. How did you get along with each other?

DAVID BOWIE: First she was a little shy, but on the third day she confessed that she's a fan of mine. We got along well.

So what are the implications of David Bowie playing only characters that he identifies with? Head over here to discover the Jareth/Ziggy connection.

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